Word From The Pastor

Our theme as a church is "The Journey Continues". We gather together for times of worship, Bible Study, fellowship, missions and service. Then we depart into the world seeking to live out our faith as fully as possible. Some days, if we are honest, are easier to live out our faith than others. Why is it that way? Maybe it is because we live in a world of constant transitions and we find it hard to adapt or keep up with all that is changing.

Still, transitions are a part of the journey known as life. A journey implies that there could be a destination in mind even if the entire route may not be known. That is where the adventure sneaks in even when we have our eyes fixed on God's leading. There are always surprises along the way, even if we think we know where we are going as individuals and as the church.

Simply put, the journey of life is a journey of growing and continuing in faith knowing that God is present and will help us to respond to the transitions that will surely come. Never forget that each of us is needed no matter our stage in life. You are gifted to serve and you are needed. So open the eyes of your heart and look around. How is God calling you to serve?

Be on the look out for "PRAYER OPPORTUNITIES" this summer. God is working and we are invited to join in. This means being intentional! So please commit to pray faithfully and patiently, waiting for God to act so you can join in as God leads in His own wondrous way.

God bless you as you continue the journey,

Pastor Bill