Pastor's Reflections

We are in the middle of the Lenten season. As we continue our journey toward the cross and beyond to the empty tomb we have much good news to share with the world around. Never forget, you are called to "be a witness" through your actions to a hurting world. Seek to grow in your faith as a follower of Jesus so you can reach out to the world and share Christ's redeeming love. This is good news indeed. God loves you (John 3:16).

In order to share and be a witness to Christ's love, you need to be connected and committed as a church member. Why church membership? Jesus went to the cross for us. When we accept this free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, we become a part of the body of Christ (see 1 Corinthians 12).

It is our responsibility to identify with a local body and to serve and love others in the church as a functioning member by giving, serving, ministering, evangelizing (share God's love), studying (growing as disciples so we can live out our faith) and being a blessing to others. We are called to pray together, worship together, fellowship together and serve together. We are called to grow in Christ and share!

Crucifixion and resurrection are clear reminders that God loves humankind very much no matter the obstacles of daily living. This season is a clear reminder that love is costly and a gift to be valued and shared. As we continue the journey beyond Easter how is God calling you to share His love story through your actions with the world that is all aroud you?

Let me encourage each of us to take seriously this challenge. Pray about it! And then pray some more. Begin the day by asking God to guide you and go to bed reflecting on how you have followed God's leading during the day. Make this a daily habit - - begin and end your day with God who is seeking always to journey with you.

Make a list of possibilities and then act on that list! Who is it that God brings to mind? What resources can you share to help spread the "good news" of God's life-changing love? What equipping do you need? How can the church help you? Share your journey with someone else and ask them to make it a matter of prayer! You are not alone!

Jesus said the "fields are white unto harvest". All we have to do is open our eyes and ask Gods help! What is it that God is calling you to do? In the coming weeks we have many opportunities to share and dialogue with others through KBC. There is much to do and everyone is needed.

May we join together as we continue the journey and share God's love. We do it in our own God-given way. Never forget you are commissioned by Jesus (Matthew 28:11-20) to get involved. See you on the road!

Pastor Bill