Pastor's Reflections

I am truly grateful for the privilege of serving as your pastor. No one knows what a new year will bring, but if past experience is accurate, then it will be a busy and exciting year. We have a message of love and hope to share with the communities and world around us. We are called to let our light shine brightly as we continue the journey.

I am sure that 2019 will bring many blessings and opportunities as well as new challenges. Let us remember that our God is both great and good. God has shaped and molded this church family for over 96 years. He has been our guide and beacon. Sometimes, we operate from a paradigm, of a scarcity of resources, forgetting the truth that the vast resources of our God are at our disposal. Our God is a God of abundance, and on Him we may rely.

Personally, I believe God is calling us to "renewed faithfulness" as we continue the journey in 2019. I believe with all my heart that God calls each of us to some particular ministry, a ministry that may not be accomplished unless you and I commit ourselves to it. I encourage us to rededicate our lives and our efforts to God's purposes, and to lay on the altar our hearts, hands, voices and gifts. The future truly is as bright as the promises of God, but the future is also tied to how we respond to God's call to each of us. May we respond in a spirit of renewed commitment, faithfulness and generosity. 2019 is an opportunity for new beginnings. It is a time for us to recommit ourselves, our time, our energies, our passions to the Lord Jesus Christ - - the source of our hope and assurance. Christmas should live on in our hearts. We should share the good news that God's love is for all people. God's love is stronger than any hatred or weapon of war. God's love is the most important thing in our lives. May you let your light shine as never before. May you have more hope, faith, love, joy and spirit than ever before. Never forget the journey continues with God leading.

May it be said of the KBC family that we continue to be faithful in 2019. Such faithfulness is costly, but what we gain is far greater than what we give!

Pastor Bill